Savy Tips For Reading In The Hot Tub

I’ve got a secret. One I suspect I probably share with many..

“I like to read in the hot tub..!”

reading in a hot tubYes I know, it’s not much of a secret. It’s just I can’t help feeling a little embarrassed by the show of consumerism.

Anyway my highbrow morals and intentions go out the window when I sink into my inflatable hot tub with the latest read.

Both hot tubs and reading are relaxing activities. When your body and mind feel relaxed then you really can immerse yourself in the words before you.

As a freelance writer I move around a lot and my financial situation is up and down. That’s why I bought a coleman hot tub. They are really quite cheap and you can pack it up and move it with the rest of your furniture.

An inflatable spa works perfectly for my situation. I can enjoy a good soak in the hot tub and read and read. Reading when relaxed is the “best”. If I have deadlines and need to get lots of reading done, the hot tub provides the right environment. I swear sometimes I can read twice as fast when I am in the spa.

Water and books don’t naturally go together and for that reason many people have never experienced the joy.

Luckily, in this crazy consumer world there are plenty of options to help you safely read in the hot tub. Take a look at these ideas. They are all tried and tested options.


Buy a waterproof eReader

waterproof ereaderA waterproof eReader is the easiest way to enjoy a relaxing experience reading in your bubbling spa. They are built to get wet. You can splash them with water and even submerse them below the surface. Great for kids who also might like to read in the hot tub. The Kindle Oasis is a popular model while the Kobo Asura is one of the cheapest.



Use a waterproof case for your eReader

ereader waterproof caseYou can retrofit your existing reading device and make it water resistant by buying and fitting a waterproof case. Such cases will withstand drops of water and the occasional accidental dip in the tub. Not as worry free as the totally waterproof kind. But cheap and a good option. All designs allow for easy control. Keyboards and navigations buttons are all accessible. It’s a good idea to read some reviews before buying anything. Make sure the product lives up to expectations by finding out what others think.


Listen to Audio Books

audio booksListening to audio books is a fantastic hands-free way to read and enjoy books. Most popular titles are also on offer in audio form.. You can download them at online retailers like iTunes, Barnes & Noble. Some hot tubs have a built in sound system which makes listening to audio books even easier.


Buy an AquaReader

aqua readerAn aquareader is a floatation device designed to keep your book safely above water. An essential hot tub accessory that will safely house your reading device or old fashioned book keeping them dry and positioned at a comfortable reading height.


Read books incorporating DuraBooks technology

durabooksDurabooks is a book binding technology that utilises synthetic paper that is waterproof and almost indestructible. This technology is eco friendly and the material can be recycled an infinite number of times. Unlike regular paper which can only be recycled a handful of times.



My preferred method is simply just to go for it.. No gadgets to mess with and it’s nice to feel the paper between your fingers.. (sorry no you know I prefer real books!). I always have a small towel nearby. It helps to keep your hands dry. I generally don’t read when the bubbles are on in the hot tub. To much water is disturbed and reading safely is much more difficult. Probably wouldn’t be so hard if I was using a waterproof reader.

Shopping is a chore for me, luckily all these items can be easily purchased online from places like amazon, ebay and walmart. My portable hot tub came from these guys

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