Making Time In Your Life For Books

making time for books

When I first graduated from university and entered the big, scary world of adulthood, it was quite a culture shock. Apart from the usual horror of discovering your years as a student are suddenly, and alarmingly, over, and the reality of needing to go out a get a J.O.B sinks – or rather, is aggressively thrust – in. What really struck me is how little time I had for doing the things I enjoyed.

I was suddenly caught up in a tide of fellow adults, getting up early, going to work, sitting at a desk all day until the commute home, arriving back and being totally knackered. The weeks zoomed by and I felt like I didn’t have any control over my life because I had no time for myself, to do what I enjoyed. And I, like many people, was a voracious reader.

I’ve always loved books and there I was, no longer reading any – particularly horrible having just spent four years at university studying lots of them. I felt like I was slipping out of touch with the book world, and even my list of must-read classics lay untouched.

I decided things needed to change, so I started consciously making time in my life for books. I took certain measures and slowly but surely, I got back into reading, I made sure that I was reading everyday and had exciting piles of “to be reads”. All was good.

But What About You?…

Well, I still felt something a little lacking. It got me thinking, and then it got me Googling – always a bad move people! – and then, because my googling wasn’t especially fruitful, it got me thinking again.

There must be plenty of other people out there feeling the same as me.

You must love books too, or you wouldn’t be here. But do you read as often as you would like? Do you get through as many books as you want to? Or do you end up cramming all your book time into a two week holiday in the summer? I know how it feels! It’s so frustrating.

So I want to help you out, and show you how to make space in your busy life for books.

But not just that, to make life even easier for you  I will help you choose books to read, so you don’t have to cut into your precious reading time. You’ll also find useful background information, character analyses, details of themes and imagery all to help you read and understand these books in greater depth.

Welcome to The Town Crier!

It’s your complete guide to literature and all things bookish, and aims to guide you along the path to book Nirvana.

Just as its name suggests, this website is aimed at encouraging thoughtful discussion and a love of reading – or, most likely, reigniting your love of reading.

You’ll get tips on how to make more time for reading in your hectic life. You will discover a whole exciting range of genres and styles of books – including some you might never have dared try before. You’ll get honest, in-depth reviews so you can make your book buys with ease.

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